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K1 Fiancée Visa Support Center

Process USCIS (INS) Updated: July, 2010 K1 VISA: A Fiancée of a U.S. Citizen is eligible for a non - immigrant visa conditioned on the conclusion of the marriage within 90 days upon arrival in the US.

Applying for the USCIS K1 Fiancée Visa can be a tedious, complex, and confusing process. Mistakes can cost processing delays or result in non-approval by the USCIS.

Our step by step method includes teaching and one on one discussion in all facets of the K1 application process and will walk you through the completion of the paperwork, and submission of the documents in the correct format required by the USCIS.

We get it right...the first time,....Every time....!!

Here is Why:

We bridge the "No Information" GAP. Yes, you can buy a "Do it Yourself Package", any error on your part will result in months of delay to correct the error.

Here is How:

Before your trip, consult with us regarding what you need to bring back to initiate the process.

The best feature of our Service:

Once the process is moving we will educate your Fiancée on what is needed on her side to accomplish the process.

Packages of Forms and Instructions Booklets Cannot educate someone who has no concept of the process.

The Service you receive:

1. One on One telephone consultation with our experienced staff for the entire process until completion.

2. One on One telephone education with your Fiancée regarding her appointment with the USCIS.

3. One toolkit of explanations and sample forms completion for the USA beginning process. All information is up to date. You will receive the forms from the processing authority forms Center.

4. One toolkit of explanations and documents requirements for the Fiancée appointment. This toolkit alone gives you a three month jump start to obtain your documents and evidence needed from you for your Fiancée's appointment with the USCIS in her country.

We stay with you until the process is complete and your fiancée arrives in the USA.


“When you have a problem, It's the solution that counts.”

CALL NOW 321-442-6683

We do it right – the first time – every time


NOTE: Services described herein or rendered hereafter Do Not in Any Way imply Legal Advice. For Consultation & Qualification. Remember not one K1 Visa turned down in our 17 years of operation

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