Singles Tours and Adventures

Tours and Adventures are central to the success of our introduction services where members meet "face to face" with other members with compatible profiles or particular interests. YND organizes a variety of local meet and greet events and foreign tours that are adventurous, friendly and always in a relaxed atmosphere.

Our matchmaking team will ensure that your needs are fully considered when you are considering the suitability of any event or tour. We will notify members of upcoming tours and events by email and on our website.

What kind of Events and Adventures?

We sponsor events and adventures all over the world like Sporting Events, House Parties, VIP Parties, Games Nights, Horseback Riding, Wine Tasting, Moonlight Cruises, Beach Parties, Singles Holidays, Sleepover parties, Birthday Parties, River Rafting, Comedy Nights and many more…

What kind of Events?

We sponsor foreign trips based on member interests.

Coming Soon – Events and Adventures to Colombia, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, México, Brazil, and Perú.


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