At Your New Destination we are member centric – You can come as you are and we are here for YOU. Our personalized matching services will lead you to the relationship that works for you!

GLTB members looking for a stable relationship can place their trust in Your New Destination for personalized introductions services YND will provide proposals for matches and work to ensure greater opportunities for lasting success in relationships formed.

YND uses scientific principles aimed at those seeking a stable relationship regardless of sexual persuasion.

The Internet offers YOU many opportunities to meet people online. However, most follow-up in-person encounters fail as online photos and chats can create misperceptions of the individual. Bars and clubs offer opportunities for personal introductions. However, these environments do not foster an atmosphere of trust or sincerity and rarely succeed. Both the Internet and social meetings are time consuming, costly and have a low success rate for stable long term relationships.

YND Personalized Introductions offers you a safe, confidential and reliable way to meet interesting people and make contacts with people looking for a serious relationship. YND not only provides singles with excellent customer service but we also provide our members with a variety of local meet and greet events. Events are designed to provide a harmonious environment for introductions between members with compatible profiles and particular interests.

Get Real and Get Results! Our matchmaking team will give you the personalized service you need to find that special someone in your life.

Come on in! We are glad you are here!! Explore our website and discover quality singles of all ages. Take control of your romantic destiny and set an appointment with the relationship experts at Your New Destination Today call now for more information!


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